EVERLAST - new skort, tank top + dresses
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We believe that sustainability is a non-negotiable piece of business in this era.
Here's what we do at Youer to run a responsible product business.

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On average, a piece of clothing is worn 7 times before it’s discarded. SEVEN TIMES!!! The average person THROWS AWAY 80 lbs of clothing a year resulting in 92 million tons of textile waste! We want you to wear the sh*t out of our clothes so we’ve built them to last wayyyy beyond 7 wears. The inspecting process is probably the most important piece in our manufacturing because it’s where we make certain that each item we send out into the world is going to hold up. When our clothes have lived our their lifecycle with you, they likely still have life. So we built a resale platform so you can pass them along to other fans and continue their journey. Learn more about the environmental impact of our products below. 

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In the 1960s, the average American bought less than 25 pieces of clothing a year. Today, the average American buys over 70 pieces of clothing a year. And we think that's extremely excessive. We make 25 styles a year. We don’t believe in over production just to meet trends. We offer each style in a selection of colors and prints in small quantities (usually less than 500 pieces) so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Our collection doesn’t hinge on a trend calendar because we believe in building your closet around your personal style. Because that's never going out of style. 

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Prior to the 1990s, 95% of the clothes Americans bought were made in America. Today, only 2% of clothes we buy are made here and that’s in large part due to how cheap it is to mass produce in other counties. Check out this TEDx talk Mallory gave called The Secret Cost Of Your Clothes to learn more. International trade laws made it incredibly profitable to take production overseas and big brands did, leaving the US apparel industry to slowly die. But we’re changing that. We care about fair wages and transparency in production and we feel we can best accomplish that here. AND, in early 2023 we built our own factory! It’s a work in progress, but we make a large part of our line here (we call it The Youniverse) and the rest at partner facilities in California.